Monday, March 28, 2011


Port Charlotte Owner Financing / Rent To Own In Punta Gorda, North Port

Owner Financing / Rent To Own In  Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, North Port. Don't throw away another rent check until you read this...
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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Port Charlotte, First Time Home Buyer Options When You Have Bad Credit.

Options For Poor Credit First Time Home Buyers

Poor credit may put a first time home buyer on a shaky ground on his wish to own a Chula Vista home. While this can be viewed as a major difficulty, you can possibly see this as a challenge. A poor credit might mean not being able to land on a mortgage or if ever you will the interest is higher than usual. Moreover, having poor credit means your potential lender is at risk.

Improving your credit is doable but it doesn't happen overnight. Even a single difference could mean thousands of dollars more than the usual interest so here are some options for you:

1. Analyze your Credit Report Check your credit history from all your primary credit assessors and examine them carefully. Look for possible errors on your mortgage loan history and request the company to remove it from your history through writing an articulate letter. You don't need to go to a lawyer for this. You can ask a friend who has experience in this matter to help you.

2. Search for a Flexible Seller. You can find Port Charlotte, homes that are still on the market for months and these kind of homes under the category Owner Carried Mortgage, Owner Financing, or Contract for Sale. With these kinds of sales, you can make payments to the owner and not to the lending company. This mode of payment means that you won't have to pay lender's fees, you can avoid some loan hassles, and your interest can be close to the market rates.

3. Know other options You can find other options aside from finding flexible sellers and examining your credit report like the Lease with Option to buy where you can sign a contract with the landlord. But of course since you have a poor credit, you have to make sure that you make timely lease payments. There are other options as well which you may be surprised to see sellers eager to sell their properties at newspapers or some ads.

You don't need to worry even if you have poor credit because home ownership can become a reality. It might be difficult in the beginning but as you look around you can see that there are some options available for you. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Who's looking for move out / move in cleaning service in Charlotte County, FL

Moving in ? Moving out? House cleaning services In Port Charlotte, North Port Punta Gorda, Venice, FL

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